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The choir was obviously not chosen on looks
theThey must sing, OK
The Maple Street Jazz Band entertained at the ice cream social on Saturday night.

A model of the Maple Grove Church is sometimes pulled in local parades.

Our present minister, Robert Crandall and Carol with those who previously served. Henry and Emma Riegel, Robert Farr and his wife, Bill and Rita Lorraine, and Boyd and Darlene Mather. Without them the church wouldn't be here.

We showed style as well as talent.
Boyd Boyd ∓ Darlene Mather came home. It seems that they are still part of the family.
District Superintendent David Stout with the present and past Ministers
theThe Riegels really gave us 2 ministers, Henry and their son, Larry who was unable to be here.
A well fed and happy congregation. Thanks to all who came, to all who worked and to all who brought Maple Grove through it's first 100 years.