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 Police Cars

in the
State of Iowa

=This page is very image size intensive- but the pictures are worth it=


Iowa State Patrol

Iowa State Patrol Updates:


Silver Iowa State Patrol Police Interceptor Markings  - October 2006

Iowa State Patrol Silver Police Interceptor

Look for more body colors in the  Iowa State Patrol Police Interceptors.  This vehicle is silver, not the traditional bronze.


New Iowa State Patrol Police Interceptor Markings  - Sept 30, 2006

Iowa State Patrol - new marking - Sept 06

New look for the Iowa State Patrol Police Interceptors- in this flash picture, notice the lower panel reflective stripes, "Iowa State Patrol" on rear panel and LED light bar.  The rear trunk lid also has extensive reflective striping.

New Iowa State Patrol Chargers  - August 24, 2006

New Iowa State Patrol Chargers  - August 24, 2006

New Iowa State Patrol Chargers  - August 24, 2006

Here are the pictures. I took them with my cell phone camera but they turned out alright i think. Like i said, this is the silver toned one. There also is a white charger out and about from post 11. I'm sure I'll see more of them at the first U ofI  home football game in a couple weeks so i'll try to get more pictures then. I looked inside and the set up is pretty cool, sorta like an airplane cockpit. The computer is smaller and allows more room for the front passenger, small printer to print off a copy of the ticket. All the buttons for lights and siren are all on one console, you just push the button repeatedly to cycle through to what you want. The light bar is a clear LED. Also has front and rear deck lights. Anyway, if you have any question let me know. I'll have more pictures to send you later on too.


Thanks Michael!



Iowa State Patrol Markings - 2004

The State Patrol has adjusted the appearance of the standard Crown Victoria. 

The door shield is slightly smaller than the pre-1998 cars.   All newly issued cars have hubcaps.   

Whelen LED Lightbars are fitted on a handful of the new cars.  

Iowa State Patrol - Police Interceptor

 01-02 Police Interceptor - November 2001

Due to budget cuts, the State Patrol has cut back on vehicle replacements, 

necessitating higher mileage vehicles and a possible switch to cheaper Impalas (no pics yet)

Click for more photos-Arizona Beige Police Interceptor

First pictures of the "new" ISP Interceptors

Iowa State Patrol Arizona Beige Police Interceptor - rear

Ford PI - Iowa State Patrol

 New ISP markings

The Arizona Beige Metallic Ford PI's have arrived in Des Moines! - 1/22/01

To the left, the appearance of the new 2001 Arizona Beige Police Interceptors- extra large door shield and "STATE TROOPER" in black block type (3-4") above front tire well.


Iowa State Patrol also has an 1-35 car mounting the new 911EP Millennium

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Warning Light bar (on a 2001 Police Interceptor)

New ISP Dodge Vans

ISP has switched to 2000 Dodge Caravan Sports for the standard SAFETY EDUCATION vehicle. The new vans are a true black color (replacing charcoal paint) and mounting huge rear spoilers. All of the State Patrol vans observed use red/blue Jet-Sonic lightbars. 

The Iowa State Patrol is now operating Chevy Impalas mounting the July 2000 blue / red lightbars. The transition of the rest of ISP fleet to red / blue light combination will be incremental.

ISP Impala

ISP Impala- smaller font for Senior Trooper on side

 Also ISP has a FAST TRAX equipped Ford Police Interceptor. The concealed fore / aft light bars are painted body color black. No pictures yet, but I hope soon!

An email I received: 

"There is definitely a FastTraxx equipped ISP vic in the state. I have seen it once or twice patrolling I-380 around the Cedar Rapids district. The Impalas I have seen all have a TRANSPARENT lightbar, a MX-7000 if I remember right. I saw one of these cars up close, as well as one escorting the Iowa State team buses to Kinnick (Univ. of Iowa's Nile Kinnick Football Stadium). "

Brad R

911EP Millennium LED Light Bar

FASTTRAXBackground Info on FAST TRAX

 An ISP Police Interceptor with all strobe emergency lights- an EDGE lightbar backed with Whelen clear strobes in the outside rear view mirror glamour caps.


 From the rear, the multiple antennas of ISP cars plus a new directional light in the back, with red / blue lights on the corners.

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