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 Police Cars

in the
State of Iowa

 State of Iowa Law Enforcement Vehicles
    DPS Command Ctrpictures
 State Department of Public Safety
 ISP 99 PI  -Iowa State Patrol  Iowa State Patrol
 Capitol Police  -Iowa Capitol Police   (Now Defunct)  Capitol Police
 DCI  -Division of Criminal Investigation  DCI
   -State Fire Marshal  Fire Marshall

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

-Iowa Law Enforcement Academy


Iowa Dept. of Transportation

-Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

 Iowa DOT
 DNR Chevrolet

 Iowa Department of Natural Resources

-Law Enforcement Division

 ISU DPS Expedition

Iowa State University

-Department of Public Safety  (University Police)


 University of Iowa

-Department of Public Safety   (University Police)

 UNI Public Safety

 University of Northern Iowa

-Department of Public Safety   (University Police)

 State Fair Police

 Iowa State Fair  

-State Fair Police

 Jeep Cherokee

 Iowa Dept of Public Defense

- Military Security

Federal Agencies

Federal Law Enforcement Agencies in Iowa