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 Police Cars

in the
State of Iowa


 ==================== Iowa State Patrol ====================

1998 Black Iowa State Patrol Ford PI - this was the standard ISP patrol vehiclecolor and markings from 1998 to 2000. 


Black Iowa State Patrol Ford PI- issued to DARE -trained officer (on back quarter)

 Dodge Caravan

 Iowa State Patrol Dodge Caravan Safety Education Van- actually a charcoal color.

Iowa State Patrol Ford Windstar Safety Education Van - this silver van is also unusual, not being either bronze (pre-98) or black (post-98). These vans are outfitted with radar for normal traffic duties and at least one is assigned to each State Patrol post.


 99 Black Iowa State Patrol Ford PI - Sergeant markings on front quarter panels. Beginning in 1998, Senior Troopers, Sergeants and District Commanders (LT's) are designated by titles on the front quarter panels.  This was not continued after 2001. 

 Dist Cmdr

98 Ford Crown Victoria - District Commander, Post 9, Cedar Falls


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