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 Police Cars

in the
State of Iowa

Dept of Natural Resources

 DNR Law Enforcement
 Ford CV
 Ford Crown Victoria- Law Enforcement Rangers (retired State Patrol Crown Vic)
Ford Truck  
 Ford F-150 Truck 4x2 (Park Ranger)
 Dodge Ram Truck
 Dodge Ram Truck (Park Ranger)
 Dodge Intrepid (Park & Preserves, red gumball light in front window)
Ford Expedition
98 Ford Expedition- Law Enforcement (small "law enforcement" decal above IOWA DNR)

Most DNR Law Enforcement Officers have used Ford F-150 Broncos as their squad cars. However with the demise of the Bronco, F-150 / Dodge RAM pick-ups and Expeditions are now more common. A handful of Police Package sedans are also issued. The vehicles are drawn from the State of Iowa common vehicle purchases, so a variety of paint colors are seen. DNR vehicles do not mount lightbars.

Chevy 2WD pick-ups have used for law enforcement by Resident Rangers in the State Parks, but Resident Rangers were phased in out in FY 2000. Rangers who lived in many of the State Parks were replaced with a system of one Law Enforcement Ranger for several parks (fewer rangers = less police protection).  In FY 2002, plans are being made to reintroduce Resident Law Enforcement staff and DNR officers assigned to each park.  It appears the Vilsack Administration cuts have reduced the level of service and park safety - who knew?

I have seen a late 80's Ford Ranger EXT 2WD fitted with MPH Radar at George Wyeth State Park in Waterloo.

Chev Caprice
Chevrolet Caprice- DNR Law Enforcement
Chev 1500
 Chevrolet Pick Up Truck- DNR Parks & Preserves (resident rangers)
 Ford F-150 Pick Up Truck- DNR Law Enforcement

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