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 Police Cars

in the
State of Iowa

News Flash: The Iowa Division of Capitol Police in being disbanded! DPS Director Penny Westphal is replacing the Capitol Police officers with State Troopers and creating State Patrol Post #16 to provide law enforcement on Capitol Hill. -source DM Register, July 15, 2000

As of October 25, 2000 the Capitol Police are still in business. However, the Capitol Police is being referred to as Post #16, State Patrol and has recieved an ISP sergeant promoted to assistant Post Commander.

State of Iowa Capitol Police
2000 Ford Explorer- Jetsonic All-Light Lightbar and directional lights mounted on the rear of luggage rack.
 Ford Explorer
 2000 Ford Explorer-
ICP Crown Vic
Ford Crown Victoria- Jetsonic light bar, Whelen directional lights


    The State of Iowa Capitol Police provide law enforcement and security to the Iowa Capitol complex and at Terrace Hill, the Governor's mansion.
   The Crown Victorias used by the Capitol Police are the same as issued to the Iowa State Patrol. The State Patrol administers the Capitol Police and provide the bodyguards to the governor.  

State of Iowa Capitol Police

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