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Player Checklists

Roberto Alomar
Jeff Bagwell
Albert Belle
Craig Biggio
Wade Boggs
Barry Bonds
Jose Canseco
Roger Clemens
Juan Gonzalez
Shawn Green
Ken Griffey Jr.
Tony Gwynn
Rickey Henderson
Derek Jeter
Randy Johnson
Andrew Jones
Chipper Jones
Greg Maddux
Pedro Martinez
Don Mattingly
Mark McGwire
Eddie Murray
Mike Mussina
Rafael Palmeiro
Mike Piazza
Kirby Puckett
Manny Ramirez
Cal Ripken Jr.
Alex Rodriguez
Ivan Rodriguez
Sammy Sosa
Frank Thomas
Mo Vaughn

Other Cards

Graded Cards
Jam Pac Cards
Rookie Cards

Jam Pac Cards

These Jam Pac cards that I have for sale are collector cards that come from the premier issue (Volume 1, Issue 1) of Jam Pac Magazine. This was a new magazine in 1995 that was printed in regular sized collector card format. To read the magazine, you have to read all of the cards. The magazine says it is released six times per year, but I have heard that they only released one issue. Jam Pac magazine was released by Entertainment Pulishing Group (EPG). Jam Pac's motto is "The First Magazine Printed in Collector Card Format". These are extremely rare cards and you probably won't be able to find them anywhere else. In one Jam Pac Magzine there are several different kinds of cards. Click on one of the links below the headings to see a scan of the cards.

Emmitt Smith
Ken Griffey Jr.
Greg Norman

Cover Story-Shirts vs. Skins
Michael Jordan Front Cover
Dr. J & Michael Jordan
Larry Bird & Michael Jordan
Magic Johnson
Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Elgin Baylor
Oscar Robinson "Big O"
Bill Russell & Wilt Chamberlain
Rick Barry

Lights, Camera, Action
Jim Carrey
James Bond & Robert Redford
Cindy Crawford & Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone Card #1
Sylvester Stallone Card #2

Instant Replay
Tyrone Wheatly RC
Steve McNair RC
Warren Sapp RC
Tony Boselli RC

The Reporter
Jerry Rice & Newt Gingrich
Tim Allen in The Lion King, Michelle Pfeiffer, Frederique, & Bob Coello
Phil Mickelson, Bill Clinton, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, & Jerry Jones

Grant Hill-The Interrogation
Grant Hill Card #1
Grant Hill Card #2
Grant Hill Card #3
Grant Hill Card #4

Shaquille O'Neal (Shaq) Inside the NBA
Shaquille O'Neal Card #1
Shaquille O'Neal Card #2
Shaquille O'Neal Card #3
Shaquille O'Neal Card #4

Ted Williams-My Hero
Written by NBC's Dick Enberg
Ted Williams Card #1
Ted Williams Card #2
Ted Williams Card #3
Ted Williams Card #4
Ted Williams Card #5

I don't have set prices on any of the cards, so email me me with a price you are willing to pay for one or more cards and we can work out a deal. Thanks for looking!