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Roger Clemens Checklist

The following are the Roger Clemens cards that I currently have for sale. There are no set prices on any of the cards, so email me me with a price you are willing to pay for a card(s) and I will get back to you. Thanks for looking!

1991 Donruss MVP #399
1991 Fleer Provision #9/12
1992 Fleer Roger Clemens Career Highlights #5
1992 Fleer Roger Clemens Career Highlights #9
1992 Pinnacle #95
1992 Score American League Cy Young Award #790
1993 Upper Deck #26
1993 Upper Deck Teammates (w/F. Viola)#48
1994 Flair #261
1994 Upper Deck #450
1995 Stadium Club Virtual Reality #5
1996 Collector's Choice Team Checklist #419
1996 Collector's Choice Team Checklist Gold Signature #419
1996 Leaf Preferred #19
1996 Pinnacle #247
1996 Upper Deck V.J. Lovero Showcase #VJ13
1997 Circa #21
1997 Metal Universe #20
1997 Pinnacle #55
1997 SP #180
1997 Upper Deck #26
1998 Circa #21