Bryan Keck with Luigi Wild Wing Derby Car.
We attempted to make this fun little Mario Kart sports car.
Voted by pack scouts as Most Unique Car

pinewood derby

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pinewood derby
pinewood derby
pinewood derby

pinewood derby
pinewood derby
pinewood derby

pinewood derby
pinewood derby
pinewood derby
Winners of races and special awards

Bryan receiving Most Unique Award from Pack Leader

Bryan with Dad displaying car and award


I picked the Mario Kart Wild Wing car for Dad and I to build for the upcoming 2011 Pinewood Derby Race for Pack 100.
It was not easy for Dad since he doesn't have a lot of quality wood working tools.
We needed to build fenders to go over the wheels. Dad bought some 1/2" balsa wood for the fendors. Dad used his drill and a small hole cutter to make the half circles for the wheel wells.
Dad also used a coping saw and hack saw to try to get a reasonable starting shape. We printed a bunch of pictures from the internet and watched our Mario Kart game to get a basic idea of the car shape.
After that it was a lot of whittling with his utility knife, exacto blades, files and sandpaper. Dad spent a lot of time on this part. After getting the basic shape, we used a pinepro wood putty to put over the entire car, and then after drying, used fine sand paper to smooth.
He also showed me how to drill the holes for the tail pipes. He sure wished he owned a drill press when he was doing this. It was tough to get the holes in a perfect line by hand. For the tail pipes, we used a thick plastic straw from some old bendy straws we had in the house. Dad had me cut these with his saw.
We also built a mini rollbar. We used some 14 guage wire to make this.
After we got all parts brought together we weighed it. It was 5.1 oz. Dad had to bore out some wood to bring it down to 4.9 oz. He thought the paint would account for .1 oz by the time we were done. Dad had me paint a variety of little pieces such as the rollbar, pipes and wings. Dad had a lot of model paints we used for doing this. Painting the car was not easy. We had to create stencils because we wanted to use spray paint. Dad did the stencils and tape masking. My sister and I assisted with holding stencils in place. Dad's tape just wasn't cooperating. We put on plastic gloves and used our fingers to apply presure as dad sprayed the paint. This was tough! We had difficulties with some overspray. We didn't get as crisp of lines as dad wanted, but it was good enough.
Dad then drew the eyes or headlights by hand and cut them out, and made a few jpgs on the computer for some of our decals. We used glossy mod podge to apply the decals to the car after cutting them out.
After the paint was dried, we hit it with a blast of gloss lacquer to give it a nice shine.
We then polished up the nails and loaded them up with graphite. This really got the wheels spinning. After rolling the nails in graphite, we put the tires on.
Lucky us, the car went as staight as an arrow on our first try and seemed pretty fast
The graphite was a little messy.... kind of got some on the paint which wouldn't come off
Dad said, another lesson learned about graphite and being careful not to get it on the fingers and car.
For our Luigi driver, dad took apart one of my Mario Kart toys and removed Luigi. He'll now remain in my pinewood the rest of his life.
Dad said he learned a lot about building a pinewood, and was always quick to share his lessons learned as we built the car. Our car was ready!


There were a lot of cool looking cars. I was very lucky that kids liked my car and chose it for the Most Unique Car.
Below are most of the cars entered in the 3 categories we were to vote on.

pinewood derby
pinewood derby
pinewood derby
Most Unique Cars

Most Patriotic Cars

Best Cub Scout Theme


There was a lot of excitement during the race. My car won a few races, but when we got down to crunch time, my good friend Christopher, beat my car by a couple inches to knock me out of the race!
As you can see, all eyes watched each race as the cars passed the finish line. The derby was a blast.

pinewood derby

The Cheater Race

Parents were able to have a little race at the end of the evening... Dad painted this car for Ashlynn and him to race.
This race had no rules, so anything went and there was no weight limit. This car was around 5 oz. Dad didn't have time to cut one out, so this was just one of those kits,
but dad and Ashlynn made it a Jet theme hoping it might help the jets to victory over the steelers for the upcoming playoff game.

pinewood derby

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