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The Gilt Edge School

From the start of the mining camp of Gilt Edge in 1893, the FERGUS COUNTY ARGUS accounts make it clear that attempts to start a public school in the town were undertaken. It is not clear, however, if a school was ever successfully started prior to the stability of the camp in 1898. If one was started, it may not have continued due to the economic instability in the early years of the camp. On November 21, 1900, the ARGUS printed the following: "What do you think? Even Gilt Edge, which has no school house and no church, has started a Sunday school. It may surprise many, but yet it is true. So there may be some hope for the town yet." At that time, school was in session - yet, there was no school house. School was the held in Sawyer's Hall on Main Street. An ARGUS report dated November 28, 1900, gave the following attendance report for the month ending November 23: Primary Department, Miss Alta A. Perry, teacher, number enrolled 35, a verage attendance 28. Grammar department, R.A McKee, teacher, number enrolled 21, average attendance 18. Intermediate department D.M. Drinkard, teacher, number enrolled 31, average attendance 26.

With the increase in the "scholar" population, a new two story, wood frame schoolhouse with bell tower was constructed on the hill between First and Second Street. This school is shown in the above photo, along with attending scholars and the miners Union Band. This school building served the camp through its peak population era, and was then struck by lightning and burned to the ground. A smaller, one story school house was later constructed to serve the few remaining students of the Gilt Edge area. Public Education was indeed a vital part of the mining camp!

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