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My family picture page
Family is the friends you're born with,
Friends are the family you choose.

Here's a little peek at the diva.

(Click on thumbnails to see pictures alone) Pictures of me and my wonderful family!
The baby diva- Kindergarten First grade Sister Michelle, brother Rex and myself as kids. Maturing diva-5th grade Full-fledged diva-dom! Me with David Nieces and nephew: Jade, James, and Jenna The littlest angel, Jenna A slightly less angelic Jenna Hope Miss Jade, diva in training!!
An assortment of friends:
Ahh...youth. Kirstey and me in undergrad
Post-recital dinner at the OP. Kirstey, Israel, and Korey
The world's greatest 'collaborative pianist', Korey Barrett
Past, present and future. My fabulous voice teachers (and personal blessings) Jeff Brich and Jean McDonald
Reunited, and it feels so good! Heather, Pete, me and Bob
Part 2: Beer at the OP
Bob and AJ- Too sexy for Joe's
A group of friends at Joker's on Rebecca's birthday.
Rebecca in my dressing room the ill-fated night of the jazz band concert.
My sister Michelle and me at a family bowling outing.
My niece Jenna at the same bowling outing.
Jenna and me.
Possibly the funniest picture of Herb Lentz that I own!
Jean McDonald, Korey Barrett and me!
My friend Julie and me at her wedding.
Korey and me at a friend's wedding.