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Music Page

I got the music in me!

I feel like I started singing before I could speak. I have some pretty eclectic tastes in music.
I'm a Classically trained vocalist and love singing arias, Art Songs and especially Spirituals. Recreationally, I can be found singing anything from Amy Grant to Jill Scott.

Take a look at my repertoire lists.
View my favorite song lyrics: (Under construction. Please check back.)
In deference to the work of singers/songwriters, I'm in the process of reworking the lyric section.
Visit the websites of a few of my favorite artists:
A couple of my friends are in a band called Spin Spin Coupling.
A description of their music is somewhat elusive for me, as I'm not very good with words.
What readily comes to mind is that the music is intelligent, fun, witty and flat-out rockin'!
Go to the website, listen to the tunes, catch a show - you won't regret it.