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(Through The Eyes Of A Snowbird)


Desert Basics


Superstition Mountains

Arizona ranges from tall pine trees and mountains in the north to the sprawling Sonoran Desert valleys and mountains in the south.Most people think of deserts as being sandy, but a desert is defined by the amount of rainfall. The Sonoran Desert is mostly a gritty gravel type of soil, and it is amazing what will grow in it. Cotton and citrus are large crops in the southern part of the state.


Straw Christmas Tree (Gilbert,Az.)              Tumbleweed Tree (Chandler, AZ.)



Tombstone Taxi

There is a slew of history in this small town, Tombstone. From Boot Hill Cemetery on the edge of town, where you will see the grave-sites and witty grave-markers, to the Gun Fights at the OK Corral, and the Stagecoach Tours around the town. Lots of restaurants and saloons, such as Big Nose Kate's Saloon,for the tourists. 




Cotton--Arizona's Largest Export



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