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Applehill Farm Home of Pure Wool Collectibles

The home of "Pure Wool Collectibles"
  • Original Designs and Costumes by "Vincey"
  • Hand-tanned sheepskin hides with virgin wool stuffings
  • Home-made clothes and hand-crafted accessories
  • Plain wooly bears start at only $150.00 (more for bears with clothes and accessories)

Also ask about our:

  • hand-sewn clothing
  • hide tanning services
  • hunting and muzzle-loading supplies
  • wool quilt batting
  • quilts made and quilted by hand
  • soft dolls
Call our farm at 1 (641)766-6463

or e-mail at

Want to see more bears?

Come and visit our Outpost store

Visit the Applehill Farm

Some of the designs you can choose for your bear

Start with a plain bear for $150.00

Choose a Native American bear

Original costumes and accessories extra

Choose a Native American bear

Call 1(641)766-6463


More Bears!
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