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The following pictures are in no particular order.
Some may be posted more than once, but hopefully not.
More pictures will be added.
So check back often to see E..T..H..A..N!!
Enjoy ;-)

**updated 12/27/01.....41 pictures**

Ethan with Football

Ethan with Cat

Ethan sleeping

Ethan with Frank`n`stein

Ethan smiling---Halloween '00

Ethan smiling....kinda

Ethan with JanaLee

Ethan with JanaLee again

Ethan wth Jason

Ethan with Jason D. again

Ethan with Jason---taken in November '01

Ethan with Jeff

Ethan and Justin

Ethan and Justin J. again

Ethan with Justin for the third time

Ethan laying down----Christmas '00

Ethan laughing.....I think

Ethan laughing for real this time----Christmas '00

Ethan being attacked by 2 pumpkins

Ethan looking like an eskimo

Ethan eating his finger

Ethan playing with a duck

Ethan getting carried away by balloons---1st birthday

Ethan all dressed up---Christmas '01

Ethan smiling for Christmas '01

Ethan sitting and smiling Christmas '01

Ethan from the side Christmas '01

Ethan on a sled holding a snowball--Christmas '01

Ethan trying to lift a pumpkin.

Ethan sitting by a block. 1st birthday picture

Ethan sitting by monkeys

Ethan standing by a ladder

Ethan sitting with a smile!

Ethan standing and smiling

Ethan making a mess with food

Ethan squinting and swimming...

Ethan and Ian playing

Ethan sitting by two dummies

Ethan dressed up as a BumbleBee

Ethan sitting in leaves and smiling

Ethan sitting in his chair......the ToT SpoT.

**updated 12/28/01....56 pictures**
Ethan sitting by a snowman

Ethan with more snow guys

Ethan and his 2 friends

Ethan with Mr. Ed

Ethan talking to the horse.....or is he?

Ethan and I with that talking horse

Ethan hiding in a box

Ethan sitting on the red guys lap a.k.a. SANTA and screaming!

Ethan and Santa just don't get along

Ethan opening up the gift I gave him

Ethan and Ian by each other

Ethan by his mommy

Ethan and Uncle J.....Jeff that is.

Ethan and Jeff sitting by the tree

Ethan making himself comfortable on Jason

**Updated 1/05/02....58 pictures**
Ethan playing with some clothes.....but not shirts and jeans

Ethan sitting with Jason

**Updated 6/19/02.....60 pictures**

Ethan and Jason

Ethan wearing my Nike hat

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