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Wes's Section

Hey!, Im Wes, Im 24 from Richmond, Va. Im a US Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune, Nc, with 2nd Marine Regiment. I got back from Operation Iraqi Freedom June 27th, that was a interesting part of my life I can tell you. I like to come into Richmond on weekends and go down to some clubs with my friends and put back a few drinks. If you wanna know anything more catch me online.

You can contact me through most Instant Messangers with my sign on: WantHooterWings or IWantHooterWngs or you can email me

This is me, when I was in Iraq, just outside Al Kut.

On the way back from Iraq, we stopped in Lisbon, Portugal, it was a blast.

This is me after the Marine Corps Birthday Celebration just stopping to take a picture in front of a tank.

This is me going on a deployment excersise with my 50 Cal machine gun.