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Kalyn is our 4 year old little daughter. She was born on March 20, 1995. She has big blue eyes and LONG red hair. She is very friendly and a joy to have around us. She loves playing with her dolls, and following Mom wherever she goes. She practices clogging with her Mom and has a pair of her very own clogging shoes. WOW! Can her and Mom make noise. I'll bet it won't be long until she's in the club. Kalyn started her second year of dance lessons this fall at Jill's Jazz Pizazz Studio. She just loves to dance! Kalyn got the cutest doll for Christmas '97 that she loves dearly. It is a My Twinn Doll and it is specially made to look just like your child. We were overjoyed with our doll for Kalyn. Just a little shot below of our little babe. She's our precious little girl. She started her second year at the Fort Dodge Cooperative Preschool this fall. Kalyn enjoyed very much our trip to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. She also has begun performing one song with her Mom's clogging club. She dances to "Hambone" and looks SOOOO CUTE! Her best friend in the whole world is our little puppy, Cuddles!

Kalyn with My Twinn Doll

Opening Doll @ Christmas '97