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Carolee Schneeman

Carolee Schneeman's artworks can have the impression of innocence. The viewer, upon first glance, see's red dye dripped on snow in heart shapes or sees red paint applied to delicate sheets of tissue. The viewer then looks at the gallery tag and reads the media involved in the work. Blood. Menstral blood on tissue. Blood as a feminine symbol of power and beauty instead of a symbol of violence.

Schneeman's art work originates from the female body's urges and it's media is the body's functions. Through interior contemplation of the rythmns and desires of her body, she creates artworks that are shocking and physical. Primarily a performance artist, her body explorations are varied experiences. She writhes naked with a group of others amidst chunks of raw meat or she pulls a scroll stained with menstral blood from her vagina. By shocking the audience, in a subtle way or not, Schneeman has created compelling works that challenge the taboos associated with the female body.

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