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Judy Chicago

The work of Judy Chicago has brought women's identities to the foreground. In Chicago's monumental piece, "The Dinner Party," the opportunity was taken to commemorate the history of women. Thirty-nine women are honored through place settings set around the triangular table. In addition, 999 women's names appear on the floor in the middle of the triangle, adding their honor and memory to the piece.

The women honored in "The Dinner Party" are women who have struggled through male dominated societies and have fought to work on a level of equality and freedom. Chicago's work challenges the idea that there are no women contributors to society, and that their affect on our society has been great. Their identities are celebrated through the use of artistic "women's crafts," such as china-painting and embroidery. Through Chicago's work womens achievements and contributions to the world are illuminated, and not allowed to fade into the background of history. Chicago's work glorifies women's liberation and individuality throughout history.

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