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Vittorio Veneto

October 28, 1934-The keel of the Vittorio Veneto is laid down in the Cantieri Riuniti dell' Adriatico shipyards of San Marco.

July 25, 1937-The Vittorio Veneto is launched.

April 28, 1940-The Vittorio Veneto is commissioned and embarks on a brief shakedown training.

September 7, 1940-The Vittorio Veneto unsuccessfully attempts an operation against Britains Force H operating near Sardinia.

September 28, 1940-The Vittorio Veneto attempts to track units of the Royal Navy Mediterranean Fleet, but again is unsuccessful.

November 27, 1940-The Vittorio Veneto engages Force H, scoring a hit on the British cruiser Berwick before forced to take evasive action to avoid being struck by torpedoes fired from several of Ark Royal III's Swordfish aircraft. All torpedoes were successfully evaded.

February 8, 1941-The Vittorio Veneto attempts to attack Force H, but is forced to return after 11 days without success.

March 28, 1941-The Vittorio Veneto is engaged at Cape Matapan. The battleship fires at Orion, Ajax, Glouchester and Perth. The cruiser Orion is straddled by the Italian ship, causing splinter damage to the hull. After being attacked by six Albacore torpedo aircraft and two Fairey Fulmar fighters, the Vittorio Veneto turns to retreat home. A second attack launched by aircraft from the British carrier Formidable slowed the battleships escape, scoring one successful hit before being shot down by anti-aircraft fire. The torpedo broke one of the engine screws and blew a hole in the side of the battleship. The crews rapidly made temporary repairs, allowing the battleship to escape. Vittorio Veneto then returned to begin damage repairs.

August 1941-The Vittorio Veneto is returned to active duty, leaving Taranto after repairs are completed.

September 26, 1941-The Vittorio Veneto attempts to attack a British convoy, but is unsuccessful.

December 13, 1941-The Vittorio Veneto is assigned to provide distant escort to a convoy, but is torpedoed by the British submarine Urge, forcing the battleship back into dock for repairs.

June 13, 1942-The Vittorio Veneto operates in search of a British convoy, again with no success, returning June 16. Over the next year, the ship is ordered to remain close to home ports, with only brief chases at convoy reports.

June 5, 1943-The Vittorio Veneto is hit by a bomb during an allied raid while docked at La Spezia.

September 11, 1943-The Vittorio Veneto is ordered to Malta.

September 14, 1943-The Vittorio Veneto is again transferred, this time to Alexandria.

October 17, 1943-The Vittorio Veneto is moved to Lake Amaro in the southern end of the Suez Canal to wait out the war.

February 1946-The Vittorio Veneto returns to Italy, where the battleship is planned to be scrapped by Great Britain.

February 1, 1948-The Vittorio Veneto is decommissioned. Shortly afterwards, the ship is gradually broken up in La Spezia. Scrapping was completed in 1950.

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