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April 24, 1944-The Ume is launched from Fujinagata Z. in Osaka.

June 28, 1944-The Ume is commissioned and joins Destroyer Squadron 11.

July 15, 1944-The Ume is assigned to Destroyer Division 43, Destroyer Squadron 11.

August 20, 1944-The Ume is ordered to join Escort Squadron 31.

November 8, 1944-The Ume escorts the converted carriers Ise and Hyuga on a transport mission from Kure to Manila, but instead is ordered to the Spratley Islands, returning to Kure on November 16.

November 16, 1944-The Ume joins in the escort for Admiral Kurita’s fleet to Kure, arriving November 24.

December 5, 1944-The Ume participates in convoy escort from Manila to Ormoc. During the duties, the ship receives slight damage from an Allied air attack on December 7, then safely arrives at Ormoc on December 8.

December 15, 1944-The Ume receives further damage during another air attack and the destroyer reports to Hong Kong for repairs.

January 15, 1945-The Ume arrives in Hong Kong.

January 30, 1945-The Ume leaves Takao while in company with destroyers Kaede and Shiokaze. The three destroyers attempt to evacuate pilots based at Luzon, but was cancelled after an air attack. Ume is sunk by bombs from American B-25 Mitchell medium bombers and P-38 attack aircraft while 20 miles south of the island of Formosa. The surivors are picked up by the destroyer Shiokaze.