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September 30, 1944-The Tsubaki is launched from Maizuru Dockyards.

November 30, 1944-The Tsubaki is commissioned and joins Destroyer Division 11 for training operations.

February 15, 1945-The Tsubaki embarks on escort duties in the Shanghai area before being assigned to patrol the same area.

March 15, 1945-The Tsubaki is assigned to Destroyer Division 53, Destroyer Squadron 11.

April 1, 1945-The Tsubaki is assigned to the Second Fleet temporarily.

April 10, 1945-The Tsubaki strikes a mine while operating in the Yangtse River, inflicting moderate damage.

April 20, 1945-The Tsubaki is reassigned to the Combined Fleet.

May 30, 1945-The Tsubaki departs as escort for a convoy to Moji, where the destroyer would dock for repairs, then is assigned to operate from the Inland Sea.

July 15, 1945-The Tsubakiís division is deactivated, but the ship continues to operate from within the Inland Sea.

July 24, 1945-The Tsubaki is damaged during an air raid at Okayama. Afterwards, the ship was assigned to Kure.

August 27, 1945-The Tsubaki is surrendered at Kure.

July 28, 1948-The Tsubaki is broken up while still at Kure.