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March 28, 1944-The Take is launched from Yokosuka Dockyards.

June 16, 1944-The Take is commissioned and assigned to Destroyer Squadron 11 for training operations.

July 15, 1944-The Take is assigned to Destroyer Division 43, Destroyer Squadron 11.

July 1944-The Take operates out of Japan, then Manila, becoming a transport during the next three months of duties, sending troops to Okinawa and Palau before entering the Philippines for convoy escort duties.

August 20, 1944-The Take is assigned to Escort Squadron 31.

October 31, 1944-The Take and Harukaze make depth charge attacks, sinking the American submarine Shark II which had attempted to attack the convoy previously.

November 9, 1944-The Take escorts a convoy group from Manila until being relieved by other destroyers, upon which the ship returns to its origin, arriving November 11.

November 24, 1944-The Take leaves on another convoy escort mission. The next day, air attacks inflict minimal damage on the destroyer, which then rescues survivors from two less fortunate ships, then returns to Manila again.

December 1, 1944-The Take again provides convoy escort for a convoy from Manila to Ormoc.

December 3, 1944-The Take is attacked by three destroyers during the escort. One destroyer, USS Cooper is torpedoed and sunk by the Japanese destroyer, but not before it and the two other destroyers, USS Allen M. Sumner and USS Moale, inflict some damage on the ship.

December 4, 1944-The Take arrives at Manila for another escort mission, then receives repairs. The ship is then ordered to remain and operate around the Inland Sea.

February 5, 1945-The Take is reassigned to the Combined Fleet.

March 15, 1945-The Take is again reassigned temporarily to the Second Fleet, then back to the Combined Fleet.

August 27, 1945-The Take is surrendered after the end of the war, then enters repatriation duties.

July 16, 1947-The Take is given to Great Britain, where the ship is scrapped shortly afterwards.