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March 25, 1944-The Momo is launched from Maizuru Dockyards.

June 10, 1944-The Momo is commissioned and assigned to Destroyer Squadron 11 for training operations.

July 15, 1944-The Momo is assigned to Destroyer Division 43, Destroyer Squadron 11.

August 20, 1944-The Momo is ordered to join Escort Squadron 31.

October 25, 1944-The Momo leaves Kure with carriers Ryuho and Kaiyo on transport duties to Sasebo then on to Keelung before returning on November 2.

November 19, 1944-The Momo spends three days escorting the wounded light cruiser Isuzu to Manila, arriving November 22.

November 25, 1944-The Momo escorts the destroyer Shimotsuki until the American submarine Cavalla attacks, scoring hits and sinking the Shimotsuki.

December 5, 1944-The Momo escorts a convoy to Ormoc, then back to Manila, but receives light damage after brushing over a reef during an air attack on December 7.

December 8, 1944-The Momo returns to Manila with the convoy.

December 15, 1944-The Momo is torpedoed and sunk by the American submarine Hawkbill 140 miles west-southwest of the island of Luzon.