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June 10, 1944-The Maki is launched from Maizuru Dockyards.

August 10, 1944-The Maki is completed and joins Destroyer Squadron 11 for training operations.

September 30, 1944-The Maki is assigned to Destroyer Division 43, Escort Squadron 31.

October 25, 1944-The Maki operates in company with the decoy Northern Force throughout the Battle of Cape Engaņo, during the Leyte Gulf campaign. The destroyer assists in rescuing survivors from the carrier Chiyoda.

December 4, 1944-The Maki is assigned to escort the battleship Haruna and the carrier Junyo to Sasebo.

December 6, 1944-The Maki is torpedoed by the American submarine Plaice and ordered to Nagasaki, arriving December 10, then is ordered to Sasebo for permanent repairs.

February 5, 1945-The Maki is assigned to the Combined Fleet.

March 15, 1945-The Maki is reassigned to the Second Fleet.

March 26, 1945-The Maki enters Kure, where the destroyer would remain operational, taking up operations in the Inland Sea.

April 6, 1945-The Maki, Hanazuki, and Kaya escort the battleship Yamato to the Bungo Straits, then are ordered to return, leaving the battleship to sail on.

April 20, 1945-The Maki is assigned back to the Combined Fleet.

August 27, 1945-The Maki is surrendered while still at Kure when the war ends. The destroyer would later be called upon for repatriation duties.

August 14, 1947-The Maki is given to Great Britain, where the ship is then scrapped.