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May 25, 1944-The Kuwa is launched from Fujinagata Z. in Osaka.

July 25, 1944-The Kuwa is commissioned and joins Destroyer Squadron 11 for training operations.

October 25, 1944-The Kuwa participates in the Leyte Gulf campaign, escorting the decoy Northern Force through the Battle of Cape Engaņo. The destroyer then rescues survivors from the carrier Zuiho, returning them to Kure.

November 10, 1944-The Kuwa departs for escort duties near Formosa and Manila.

November 15, 1944-The Kuwa is assigned to Destroyer Division 52, Destroyer Squadron 11.

November 20, 1944-The Kuwa is reassigned to Escort Squadron 31.

December 1, 1944-The Kuwa departs Manila on convoy escort duties, bound for Ormoc.

December 3, 1944-The Kuwa is sunk by gunfire from the American destroyers Allen M. Sumner, Moale, and Cooper with unknown survivors.