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May 27, 1944-The Kiri is launched by Yokosuka Dockyards.

August 14, 1944-The Kiri is commissioned and joins Destroyer Squadron 11 for training operations.

October 10, 1944-The Kiri is assigned to Escort Squadron 31, Combined Fleet.

October 25, 1944-The Kiri is involved in the screen for the decoy Northern Force during the Battle of Cape Engaņo.

November 8, 1944-The Kiri is assigned to escort the carriers Ise and Hyuga to Manila, but is instead diverted to the Spratley Islands, arriving November 16.

November 16, 1944-The Kiri, upon arriving at the Spratley Islands, joins the screening force for Admiral Kurita while he is en route to Kure.

November 20, 1944-The Kiri is reassigned to the Fifth Fleet, then arrives at Kure on November 24. Shortly later, the destroyer is ordered to Formosa.

December 8, 1944-The Kiri escorts a convoy to Manila, the convoy having left Formosa.

December 9, 1944-The Kiri leaves as convoy escort to Ormoc.

December 12, 1944-The Kiri receives moderate damage during an air raid. The destroyer is ordered to scuttle the destroyer Yuzuki, then retrieves survivors.

December 13, 1944-The Kiri returns to Manila.

December 18, 1944-The Kiri is assigned as convoy escort to Kure, and upon arrival, the destroyer undergoes repairs, beginning January 10, 1945.

February 5, 1945-The Kiri is assigned to the Combined Fleet.

March 15, 1945-The Kiri is reassigned to the Second Fleet.

April 20, 1945-The Kiri is returned to the Combined Fleet.

August 27, 1945-The Kiri is surrendered while docked at Kure. Later on, the destroyer serves for repatriation duties.

July 29, 1947-The Kiri is turned over to the Soviet Union.