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July 25, 1944-The Kaede is launched from Yokosuka Dockyards.

October 30, 1944-The Kaede is commissioned and joins Destroyer Squadron 11 for training operations.

January 20, 1945-The Kaede is assigned to Destroyer Division 52, Escort Squadron 31.

January 22, 1945-The Kaede takes on escort duties for a convoy bound for Formosa, arriving January 27.

January 31, 1945-The Kaede escorts the destroyers Ume and Shiokaze to evacuate pilots from Luzon, but is turned back when attacked by B-25 medium bombers and P-38 fighters while still near Formosa. During the air raids, the Kaede suffers a bomb hit which forces the ship to undergo emergency repairs upon returning to Takao.

February 23, 1945-The Kaede enters Kure to begin permanent repairs.

March 15, 1945-The Kaede is temporarily assigned to the Second Fleet.

April 20, 1945-The Kaede is reassigned to the Combined Fleet.

August 27, 1945-The Kaede is surrendered while based at Kure when the Japanese surrender. The destroyer later would be ordered for repatriation duties.

July 6, 1947-The Kaede is handed to China, where the ship is renamed Heng Yang and planned to be hulked.