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July 4, 1944-The Hinoki is launched from Yokosuka Dockyards.

September 3, 1944-The Hinoki is commissioned and joins Destroyer Squadron 11 for training operations.

October 25, 1944-The Hinoki escorts the carriers Ryuho and Kaiyo to Keelung from Sasebo before being ordered to Kure.

November 15, 1944-The Hinoki is assigned to Destroyer Division 52, Destroyer Squadron 11.

November 20, 1944-The Hinoki is assigned to Escort Squadron 31, Combined Fleet.

December 17, 1944-The Hinoki escorts the carrier Unryu to Manila until the ship is sunk by the American submarine Redfish. The destroyer then makes depth charge attacks on the submarine, damaging it. Afterwards, the ship sails on to Cape St. Jacques.

December 31, 1944-The Hinoki escorts the victualling stores ship Ikutagawa Maru to Manila, arriving January 4, 1945.

January 5, 1945-The Hinoki, Ikutagawa Maru, and the destroyer Momi all depart on a return trip to Cape St. Jacques. The ships engaged the American destroyer Bennion, then is temporarily disabled by aircraft of Task Force 77, but the destroyer restores power and returns to Manila.

January 7, 1945-The Hinokileaves Manila the day after returning, but this time is attacked by the American destroyers Charles Ausburne, Braine, Russell, and Shaw while barely clear of the Bay. The Japanese destroyer is sunk by the combined guns of the four destroyers.