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Total War Bibliography Section

Musashi and Yamato Bibliography

Warships of the World-this site helped with providing the history, and the bulletin boards helped me to get a little more specific. It also provided me with the pictures used.

USS New York Bibliography

Special thanks to: Gail Maize and Terry Carter for getting me started on this project. Also thanks to David Carter for his letters home, which were also a source in this report.

Hyperwar, Warships of the World, and Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships all had the same information, so unfortunately I don't have a second source that was unique, but all of these had the basis of my history. The picture used for the USS New York was from Warships of the World.

World War Two Picture Archives-This has a great amount of USS New York Pictures, not to mention others.

USS Iowa Bibliography

USS Iowa Veterans Association-An excellent site with a VERY detailed timeline. The webmaster also proved to be helpful, and allowed me to use the picture from his site.

Warships of the World-This website had a timeline outlining major actions, but also had excellent weapons detail.

USS Iowa and links to Iowa-Class sites-Contains information on the current status of the USS Iowa, as well as the Iowa-class battleships.

USS Cushing's III and IV Bibliography

USS Cushing Reunion Association-This site has an excellent report on the Cushings.

Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships-This site has a second report used to both verify and add to my information.

Destroyers OnLine-This site has it ALL for the destroyers. This is an EXCELLENT site!!

Kriegsmarine bibliography

Power At Sea-In German. This site has EXCELLENT coverage of all the German Kriegsmarine of World War II.

The German Kriegsmarine-This site is the one maintained by Michael Emmerich, which has moved to its new location. This site is DEFINITELY worth checking out.

Kais's Kriegsmarine Listing-This site offered a little help and has good information on everything from the surface raiders up to the Bismarck and Tirpitz.

U-Boat Bibliographies

Uboat.Net This is the greatest, and possibly the only, website with histories and information on ALL the U-Boats. This is certainly the only one with all histories on the internet. I enjoy this a lot, and the webmaster has been VERY helpful in allowing me to use the information, so I tried extremely hard to find extra information on the U-Boats.

Torpedo Junction: U-boat war off America's east Coast, 1942 by Homer H. Hickam, Jr. This book has it ALL for U-boats of 1942, at the peak of the U-boats success. This book is excellent, although I didn't use it in the U-505, since the ship isn't even mentioned in it. Future projects will use more of this book though.

U-505 and the Museum of Science and Industry-I am not sure if this is the same article I had before. I used a two page article which held all the information, but when I went back to the bookmarked page, it moved, along with the WHOLE Museum of Science and Industry. I backtracked through U-boat.Net, and the page had actually moved. I found this, and am ASSUMING it to be the same thing. So maybe you should check it out. It looks pretty nice though. I will check more later.

USS Kearny: First to Come, Last to Go-I know, I know. "What does this have to do with U-Boats?" My compliments to the webmaster...this man researched the history of U568 thoroughly from start to finish, providing information about the boat which torpedoed the topic of his interest. A very nice site, and a WONDERFUL source for information. U568 history on is short, but concise, and accurate as well.

Pearl Harbor Bibliography

This is one of the main sites that helped me gather information on ships involved.

The History Place-A really good site on World War Two. Also has a good and detailed timeline.

World War Two on the Web-This was used as a sort of 'launching point' to get to some of the links, not all were Pearl Harbor.

Nihon Kaigun's site-Not ONLY do they do the Imperial Japanese Navy, but they do the Pacific war too!!!

Pearl Harbor Remembered-Another good site on Pearl that I used several things out of....

Loss of Force Z

Force Z Report-This page is 4 stars! This has so much more information, and even if you read my report, I'm asking you to check this one out.

Nihon Kaigun-This site has a short summary on the battle, but many other excellent points.

Tokyo Raid Bibliography section

The History Channel documentary "Military Blunders", The Loss of Force Z.

B-25.Net - Site from which the picture was taken. Dedicated to the B-25, "Heavenly Body". A GREAT site for pictures, but most of them are the 50th Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid.

An aircraft encyclopedia which has a section on B25s and Doolittle's Raid. The web-master helped a great deal in this site too.

Nihon Kaigun-Once again, the webmaster provided much of the help.

Coral Sea Bibliography

Warships of the World-This site provided some information as to ships, most of which came from the Bulletin boards. Also, thanks to Shigure (the person, not the ship....just a bulletin board name) for all the help, and all the others. CBW, Tiornu, and others were a major role in setting up thie section, but I couldn't do it without them. Thanks to all of you...wherever you are.

Pacific War-This is a good site, and while I didn't use it as much for the ships, I did use it for the report, so they have earned a place here.

Nihon Kaigun-This helped to give me a lot of the damages and a brief overview of the battle.

University of San Diego Page-This has a great site on Coral Sea, but I can't seem to get to it on my computer, so I have included the direct link to the page.

Midway Bibliography

Warships of the World-A good site, mostly used to find ships involved in Midway.

Nihon Kaigun-Mainly used for Japanese ships and brief overview, but the site is an excellent one.

Pacific War-This site had an excellent site on the battle. The site is undergoing reconstruction, so if you can't get the link to work, e-mail me.

Grolier.Com-Short summary, but there are a lot of details, and it is extremely good.

National Geographic Magazine and Website-I only used brief facts from the April 1999 issue, and a few others from the website, with permission from the National Geographic, of course.

Midway-This site is undergoing massive construction, but the introduction provided me with some information.

Carrier Battles in the Pacific, 1942-This site had another great report on the battle of Midway.

Warships of the World-The bulletin boards helped me on much of the information, mainly finding the ships involved.

Nihon Kaigun-Provided casualties for the battles, as well as a good history.

War in the Pacific-This site provided me with information on some battles.

USS Atlanta and USS Juneau Page-Has a good source on the Naval battles of Guadalcanal.

Guadalcanal Online-This page was the basis of my report. It gives a detailed description of the battles, and even gives the ships involved with the majority of them.

Isoroku Yamamoto's Bibliography

Biography Website-This has a short but good biography on Yamamoto, and provided the basis of my report.

Warships of the World-This site helped through the chat rooms and bulletin boards.

Nihon Kaigun-This site provided me with some of the battle information on Yamamoto, and also the webmaster provided a little help.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Bibliography

White House Website-This site contains a detailed biography of the presidents. An excellent site.

National Park Service-This site is excellent. It covers everything from national parks to a submerged cultural research study on the Bikini Islands vessels that were lost in the Atomic Bomb Testing.

Grolier Encyclopedia Website (Direct Link)-This is another good site for FDR. I enjoyed it a lot!!

This is another good FDR site...A must see!!!

Corbis.Com-The picture I got came from AltaVista, but the picture said something about, but the pic was large, so I had to crop it and couldn't find a spot for the corbis thing, but I will mention it here.

Chester Nimitz Bibliography

This was the best Nimitz site that I found. Has a lot of interesting facts on him, and was the basis of my report.

Biography Website-This site had a short summary, but it is still a good site, and talks about a LOT of people!!

I don't know the name of this site, but it has a lot of good information, as well as major achievements.

Harry Trumanís Bibliography

White House Website-This site had a brief summary for Truman, but was very interesting.

Grolier.Com-This site has a good history on Harry Truman. I recommend that you visit the World War Two Commemorative page. I can say that I didnít find it a waste of time, and all of the biographies there are quite detailed.

Corbis.Com-Again provided the photo that I used for the report. An excellent site!!

Emperor Hirohitoís Bibliography

Grolier.Com-This site had the best information that I could find, although there were others, this was the longest and most detailed.

Biography.Com-This had a brief summary, but didnít have a lot of other information on him.

This is a direct link to the site which has a good essay and an even better picture on Hirohito

Adolf Hitlerís Bibliography

Grolier.Com-This site had a 12 page report which was the basis of my report.

American Experience's Guts and Glory-Has a biography series on major leaders of the World War, including numerous generals, and the biographies are very detailed as well.

The History Place-This site has an excellent 25 part,100 page report on the life of Adolf Hitler, including a brief overview on his grandfather.

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's Bibliography

Rommel's biography page-This site provided the picture for the biography, and a large amount of the information. This is an excellent page!!

Free Essay and Report page-This site provided me with some information, but there is also a large amount of other information.

World War II, Analyzed!!-This site provided excellent reports, but mainly helped me to verify information. They also have very detailed reports on people and battles, and just about everything else you can think of!!

Benito Mussolini's Bibliography

Mussolini-This site is an educational one, and this is the direct link, but the biography was mainly used for verification of information.

Who's Who in World History-This site has excellent reports on people and events from all categories, and provided one of the basis for my report.

Biography.Com-This site helped with a brief summary of Benito Mussolini's Life.

Wilfrieds World War II page-This site helped greatly with the biography.

-Provided a summary, and the picture used with the report.

Winston Churchill's Bibliography

RJ Geib's Homepage-This site has a good page on Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill: An Intimate Portrait by Violet Bonham Carter (Konecky and Konecky Publishing, Copyright 1965)-This book has a detailed report on his life, but I mainly used the timeline in the back.

Grolier.Com-The World War II Tribute section had an excellent 10 page report that was the basic online resource.

Further Research on Sir Winston Churchill-This page provided me with the photograph used in the report.

Joseph Stalin's Bibliography

Grolier.Com-Excellent 12 page report on Stalin's life through the WWII Commemoration Section

Joseph Stalin Research Center-This site is small, but it has good information, and it is to the point. Also, the picture used in my report came from this site.

The World At War-This site has it all!!! Talks great about Stalin, and his biographies are short and to the point. There are also several other good pages there. Check it out!!

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