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Vegeta ia one of the most powerful warriors in the universe under Goku. He ia a very strong willed character. He just like Goku is always striving to be better. He was first seen when he arrived on Earth to fight Goku for the dragonballs. He was with with his friend Napa who he later killed for being so dume. he could not handle being weaker then Goku so he was defeated. He was sent back to his planet where he later went to Namek.

He went to Namek to collect the Dragonballs. But was interupted by Freeza and his companions. He was forced to join Krillion and Gohan then later Goku and Piccolo who all together killed Freeza. He was with them after that.

Like Goku he is a saiyan to and has the power to turn Super Saiyan all four levels. He later has two childern. Named Trunks and Bra. He later turns to the good side and becomes a very friendly person.