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Trunks is the son of Vegeta. He first arrives in the DBZ series in the Freeza Era. He wields a very powerful sword. In his arrival he is a young teen. He explains to the Z Warriors that he is from the future to help Goku with his heart disease. He also helps the Z Warriors fight in the Android Era.

After that little Trunks was finnaly born and Future Trunks was sent back to the Future. Like his father Vegeta he has a strong will to fight. He and his best friend Goten(gokus second son) train together.He is also very popular with the girls.

He learned the Fusion Dance with Goten(a dance of two saiyons that join together to form a ultimate saiyon) in the Majin Buu Era. But found to be a little cocky and was eaten by Buu. He like Goku and Vegeta can become a Supersaiyon. Near the end of the DBZ series he become the teen he was when Future Trunks arrives(17).