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Goku is the main character for most of the series. His son Gohan takes over when he dies for the second time. He is married to ChiChi and two sons. There names are Gohan and Goten.

Goku as a boy was incredibly powerful for his age. He had a tail. He was found by his grandfather Gohan. Later on his grandfather dies and is given a dragonball for a gift. He believed the dragonball possed his grandfathers soul.

He later found out by his uncle raditz who flew to Earth from a spaceship. That he is a Saiyan. And was flown here as a child to destroy Earth. But bumped his head and could not remeber why he came to Earth as a child.

He later fights to save Earth from all sorts of evil. He had the power to turn Super Saiyan. Therefore he can become super strong his hair turns blond and even grows longer and eyes turn green. There are four levels of this. They each are the same except that the hair grows longer. But in the fourth stage his hair turns back to black but his entire body is covered in hair and his tail grows back and plus his eyes are very freaky looking.

He fights many powerful people but always succedes in the battles. He is by far the greatest warrior ever known.