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Cell is the last android Dr.Gero created. He made him using the cells of the Z Warriors he found earlier when fighting the androids. Cell transformed into 3 stages. He did this by abosorbing the other Androids. Then becomeing the mighty Perfect Cell. Cell was very powerful and I mean very. He was alot stronger then Freeza. Since he had the cells of the Z Warriors in him he could use there attacks and also his own.

The Cell Era was said to be the best fight in all of the DBZ series. It was very long and brutal. This was when Gohan showed his true power. he turned Super Saiyon Level 2 and kicked the crap out of Cell. But was injured when Vegeta tried to help. Gohan saved Vegetas life by jumping into the blast that was meant for Vegeta thus crippiling his arm. This was the first time Vegeta relized he was wrong and so he appologized to Gohan. Although with a little help from his dad he finnaly destroyed Cell. With a Mega KAMEHAMEHA Blast.