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American DBZ

If you are not Asian, live in a place far from Asia, like the US, and think Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z is a sucky cartoon, you're wrong. The TRUE DBZ is in Asia. The Dragon Ball series in America are censored, edited, revoiced (which is ok), and countlessly with reruns. It sucks in the NA version! For example, when Vegeta killed Zarbon, he was supposed to fire a laser beam through his stomach. Instead, he just punched him and he died. The Japanese version is way better. I'm even surprised that it's still on the air. I bet Cartoon Network (the station that shows DBZ) will never show DBZ pass the Freeza Saga, just because it too violent. BULL S***! I think they should just stop showing DBZ and just show DB, at least they never showed reruns of DB. They're making DBZ look bad when it's da bomb! Did you know that in other non-Asian countries, like France, Britain, Spain, and Italy, already finished with DBGT?! American DBZ sucks @#$%! DragonBall Z & GT should be the best anime in anime history, but no... US had to make it look bad!