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About Me

Hi my name is Zach. I am the creater of this web page. As you can see I really like Dragonball Z. My favorite character is Trunks of course. I am also 13 going on 14 and look at how well I am at web pages.

The reason I like Dragonball Z so much is because I think it has a excelent story line to it and great animation It can also be emotinal adn very happy. It is the best anime in the world. You get attached to the characters after awhile and you also get to understand a differnt aspect of life from DBZ. In other words the show kicks ass. Another thing I like about the show is that you can buy many differnt things on it. For example posters, movies,video games,shirts,action figures,and much more.

Dragonball Z has given me alot to think about it has made me think of who I am and how inconsifacant I am to the universe. It really shows how there are good and bad people in the world. And how good things always prevel. Thanks for coming to my site and by the way enjoy:)