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My 67 GTO from Rough to Tough...



i took off all the chrome gutted it and getting ready to pull the motor as soon as i get the motor hoist and stand.  Do the motor some paint the firewall and motor and place it back in the gto,  After that i talked to a guy that would paint it and do the body work  and me furnish the material.  Still have to buy windshield and back glass to put back in they where in bad shape.  Also interior needs to be put in.  Diana and I  are going to do that as soon as i order it and the painting is done.  Mufflers and new tires looks like a long project hoping to get it done by Sept 4 my work is having a car show then.

It really doesn't look that bad.  Wait till I get finished and see what a difference it will be.  Any suggestions out there?  I am looking for a rear bumper, front grill, and plastic surround.