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My 67 GTO from Rough to Tough...

Pontiac GTO History

Before drivers side ...

     Before front... ..



Before passenger side..

Before rear side. ..

Before interior.. ...........

Engine almost done                  

 Engine again..


almost there..

   Grand finale

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1964 thru 1972 GTO Slide Show


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My 67 GTO Rough to Tough .  

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Stick around and watch the progress on my 67 GTO as I try to bring it back to life.  I don't know how long this project will take but hope you will drop back from time to time to see the changes


If you need GTO parts then link here or email  and tell them Jim sent you.


Here is another source for GTO parts just .


"This is my first real restoration project. Hoping to restore this 67 goat to almost original. Anyone knowing or having any extra parts lying around contact me at