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I have been updating so much, that I figured it would be best to log it all somewhere. So, this is that somewhere. I tend to update little pieces at a time, this should help keep things straight.

12/11/05: Joined a new web ring, Vote for my site!

12/08/05: Added the Council Guards unit to the "New Units" section. Play-test these feared guardians of the Council of Thirteen!

12/04/05: Added a 2250 pt. Eshin army list that I have been using.

11/25/05: Added a new unit upgrade for Clanrat Slaves in the "New Units" section. Take a look at the Slavemaster.

11/03/05: Added a new 6th edition character in the "Special Characters" section. Check out Shadow-Pelt.

08/11/05: Added a link to the "Links" so you can get your own "Wheelmate." Download yours from The Under-Empire. It's a great template to help you measure the distance your unit can wheel.

08/06/05: I actually got a new battle report posted! Enjoy!

06/29/05: I added some new links. They are all links to various downloads on the Games Workshop websites. Note: These links will only take you to the Games Workshop page that contains the download.

06/26/05: I opened up a new section on "Choosing an Army." It is still under construction, but there are recomendations on Core Troops up right now. I also added a link to an awesome Skaven forum that I have been frequenting as mine is floundering. Check it out in the "Links" sectoin.

06/15/05: Made a couple of tweaks in the "Magic Items" section. Also added a new banner and a new page on the Ingenious Devices of Clan Skryre. These can also be found in "Magic Items."

06/08/05: Added two of my sixth edition lists to the "Army Lists." Also tweaked the Tome of the Horned Rat magic item's rule.

06/07/05: Updated the "Magic Items" to sixth edition. I had play-tested the previous versions, but I still haven't tried them out under sixth edition rules. If you try them, please, leave me some feedback on them. I also added a couple of new links in the "Underground." One is to a DeWayne Agin's HeroQuest Page. He has rules for Skaven in HeroQuest. The other site is Ralf's Warhammer Page. He has a number of Skaven articles and some cool animated Warhammer .gifs.

06/05/05: The "Skaven Troops" section is being updated to 6th edition. I have the stats put in for everything but the Screaming Bell and Warp Lightning Cannon. Eventually, I will also get the Skaven specific rules (ie Mainstay Unit, etc.) posted. The rules that can be found in the Warhammer Rulebook will not be posted.

06/04/05: New trial forum opened. I am going to see how much traffic is generated and maybe I'll keep it. Show your support and post on it. I have a bunch of things to update so keep checking back. I promise to get this site current with 6th edition.
I've also started cleaning up the links in the Underground.

04/13/00: Added the "Random Happenings: article to the "Mordheim" section. Thanks goes out to my breeder who typed it up for me even though she tends the burrow and cares for the runts.

04/02/00: Added a couple of more things to the "Mordheim" section. I added a section on the skirmishes my Blood Claws have taken part in (only one so far) and the Opulent Goods article from White Dwarf #239.

03/31/00: Just added the all new "Mordheim" section. There you will find the current roster for my warband, the Blood Claws, as well as the official Mordheim FAQ. Fear not, there will be more to come!
Also added is a link to chat room where Skaven can be role-played. Check it out and you just might meet Gnashik face to face.

03/11/00: I updated the look of the "Battle Reports" page and added a new battle report. This one is against Dwarfs. Check it out.

12/31/99: Added the article on Tunnel Troops from White Dwarf #239. Sorry for the lack of updates over the past months. Hopefully, I'll have more time for Warhammer and Mordheim this year and that'll mean more updates. Some things you can look forward to are another battle report (this one versus Dwarfs), another new special character (with a unique magic item and special rules), and a new troop type (that doesn't require much conversion to use). I just need to find time to type all of these up and post them. Also, the "Campaigns" page is going to be re-done in the future. Due to lack of interest, the other players decided not to do it. However, the local game store runs an interesting campaign with lots of great rules. I am posting the rules on the Forum slowly (when done they'll go up on the "Campaign" page). I'm going to cover my participation in the campaign at the store on that page now. The next campaign won't start until April, though, so that means more waiting (Sorry!) Oh, by the way, Gnashik's Lair has been running for a year now! Thanks for visiting and stop by again.
May the Horned Rat heap his infernal blessings upon you and all of your brood.

07/27/99: Updated the "Skaven" page.

07/26/99: Added another link.

07/25/99: Joined the RPG Host Banner Exchange

06/21/99: Added the "Siegeworks Skaven" page. Thanks to Tommy Punk for allowing me to post his article.

06/20/99 Added the "New Units" page. Here I will post Skaven units of my own design.

06/17/99: Added the "Forum." Why not use it?

06/08/99: Added a link to the "Skaven Underground." Added another 1000 point army to the "Army List" page.

05/31/99: Added "Magic Items" page.

05/27/99: Added Grrrth, Warlord of Clan Skreek's Stormvermin to the "Special Characters" section.

05/19/99: Added Grey Seer Hrist to the "Special Characters" section/

05/18/99: Added a new page, "Special Characters." So far I only have rules for Clanlord Gnashik up there.

05/06/99: Added a new link on my "Webrings" page. It is to Battleaxe, an online gaming society. Check it out!

05/04/99: I finally got the "Rat's Gallery" open. There are still no pictures of my models, but I did include a couple of painting methods there.

04/14/99: Back at last. I've been offline for a while now due to a change in internet service. That's why there hasn't been many updates. Updated the "Campaign" page. We decided on a different standard size for our battlefields. My first game is next week, so watch for the upcoming results!

03/07/99: Added a new link to the "Skaven Underground" page.

02/26/99: Added to the GW Games Webring.

02/24/99: Changed the look of the "Skaven Underground" page and also added a great new link, check it out. Also updated "Troops" page, added Warpfire Throwers and Jezzail teams. Updated "Campaign" page, all four of us have generated our starting territories. My first battle will be at the end of March so keep an eye on my "Battle Reports" page.

02/17/99: Updated the "Troops" page, added Warlocks, Grey Seers, and Vermin Lords.

02/15/99: Added the "Clan Skreek" page. It contains a short history of the founding of Clan Skreek. Updated the "Troops" section. I added the special rules to the units listed there and also added the stats for Warlords, Chieftains, and Champions.

02/14/99: Added the "Campaign" page. Also check out the "Battle Reports," the Victory Points from the battle posted there was wrong. I have ammended the mistake.

02/13/99: Added the "Downloads" page.

02/08/99: Added to the GW Gateway.

02/05/99: Added the "Updates" page and the "Webrings" page. Decided to make a seperate page for the webrings I belong to, since my main page was looking a little cluttered with so many.

02/01/99: Added the "Skaven Underground: Links to Other Sites of Interest" page. As I find more sites, I'll add them. If you know of any you like, e-mail the addresses to me. I'll add them if I like them.

01/31/99: Added the "Troops" page. There are still a few units to add. I plan on adding Heroes, Warlocks and Seers, and the War Machines in time.

01/30/99: Added the "Battle Reports" page. I hope to add more to this as my free time to fight more battles permits.

01/26/99: Accepted into the Games Workshop United Webring.

01/23/99: Accepted into the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Ring.

01/19/99: Accepted into the Circle of the Horned Rat.

12/27/98: Created "Gnashik's Lair: Home of Clan Skreek."