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New Units

"Manthing, there are more troops for the Skaven to use against your kind than what most think," chittered the large rat-lord. "Look here..."

6th Edition


Captured slaves are often driven into battle. Sometimes a Slavemaster accompanies the unit to ensure that they perform adequately on the field of battle. These sadistic Skaven are armed with wickedly barbed lashes that they goad their charges into combat with.

Slavemaster is another upgrade to the Clanrat Slave unit like Pawleader or Musician.

Add a Slavemaster to a unit of Clanrat Slaves for +15 pts.


Equipment: Hand Weapon, Slave Lash (counts as additional hand weapon), Light Armor.

Taskmaster: A Slavemaster always leads from the rear. He cannot abandon his unit.

Slave Lash: When the unit is forced to take a Psychology test, the Skaven player may opt to apply the lash to the slaves. Make D6 S3 hits on the unit. The resulting number of wounds is a positive modifier to the unit's Leadership for the test. If the unit still fails the test, the slaves revolt and the Slavemaster is killed in the confusion. Any wounds inflicted that turn are applied to Combat Resolution.

Council Guards

The leaders of Skaven society, the dreaded Council of Thirteen, are guarded by huge albino Skaven guards. These fearsome warriors are the most feared warriors in all of Skavendom. At times, the elite agents of the Council, the Grey Seers, will be accompanied into combat by a unit of Council Guards.

0-1 Council Guards (Rare) 11 pts/model

Council Guard543431525

Unit Size: 10+
Equipment: Hand Weapon, Heavy Armor
Options: Halbred +2 pts, Shield +1 pt
Upgrade: Champion +10, Standard Bearer +10, Musician +5
May carry a Magical Standard worth up to 50 pts.

Special Rules
Council Bell: The Council Guards may carry the Council Bell if the unit is led by a Grey Seer. This counts as a Magical Banner. All Skaven unit within 12" can re-roll failed Psychology tests. This bonus only applies as long as the Grey Seer is with the Council Guard unit. +50 pts

5th Edition

Skaven Mercenary..........3 pts.
Mercenary Leader..........15pts.

Overcrowding is a common problem in many Skaven warrens. To remedy this, the Clan Chieftain will often hire out regiments of Skaven to other Clans. These regiments are known as Mercenary Clans due to the divided loyalties of their home Clan and their employer's. Often, these warriors are seen as disposable, but those who survive often become better trained than most other Skaven.

A Mercenary regiment must be led by a Mercenary Leader. Often, this Leader is a popular and competent Clan Guard whom the Clan Chieftain puts in command of the Mercenaries to remove an unwanted threat to his power. The cost for the Mercenary Leader is taken out of the Regiment allowance instead of the Character allowance. He must be equiped the same as the unit he commands.

Mercenary Leader533331525

Mercenaries may be equiped with Light Armour (+1 pt.), Shields (+1/2 pt.);Spears (+1/2 pt.) or Slings (+1/2 pt.).

0-1 Unit of Veteran Mercenary..........7 pts.
Mercenary Lord..........35 pts.

When their term of service is up, some Mercenary Clans will lead a coup against their employers or return and start a rebellion within their home Clan. Most, however, simply pack up and move on; seeking out more jobs, as the freedom from the Clan heirarchies and the rewards of looting are quite inviting. Such professional companies are respected, feared, and not trusted. It is not unheard of for an ambitious Mercenary Lord to try and seize power from an employer's Clan. Thus, starting his own Clan, a goal many Mercenary Lords have.

A unit of Veteran Mercenaries must be led by a Mercenary Lord. His point cost are taken from the Character allowance and he may be armed with any equipment available to Skaven characters. A Mercenary Lord is entitiled to one magic item.

Mercenary Veteran544331515
Mercenary Lord555431626

Mercenary Verterans may be equiped with Light Armour (+2 pts), Shields (+1 pt.); Halbreds (+2 pts.), Spears (+1 pt.), or Slings (+1/2 pt.). The unit may carry a magical standard.

Special Rule: Clan Animosity: The warriors in a Veteran Mercenary unit only test on their Mercenary Lord's Leadership. Thus, they will not be able to benefit from the Leadership of the army's Warlord or any other character who joins the unit with a higher Leadership than the Mercenary Lord's. Nor can they re-roll a break test if within 12" of the army standard bearer. This is due to the distrust between the Mercenaries employer and their Lord.