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The Underways

The large, gray-furred rat-lord grabs you by the shoulder and leads you down a corridor. You come to a cavern with many tunnels branching off from it. "From here you can visit other realms where you can learn more-more." As you start down one of the corridors, Gnashik motions towards the shadows beside him. A black-clad rat-man slips from the gloom and skitters over to the rat-lord. Gnashik bends and whispers to the Assassin, "If the prisoner does not wish to return, then you will be forced to kill-kill." The Assassin grins and nods to Gnashik, he slips into the darkness and follows you down your chosen corridor.

Skaven Links

Check out all of the great Skaven sites in The Circle of the Horned Rat.

Learn more about the Skaven from Games Workshop themselves.
In particular, here are some awesome downloads you can get from Games Workshop. (Note that the link goes to the GW website page that has the download, it IS NOT the download itself.)
Skaven Errata
Skaven Reference Sheet
Skaven Wallpapers
Skaven Spell Cards
Skaven Banners
Skaven Special Characters -including Warlord Queek, Lord Skrolk, Deathmaster Snikch, and Ikit Claw. PLUS 6th edition rules for the Vermin Lord and Doomwheel!
Rat Ogre Pit Fights
Denizens of the Deep Campaign
Warpstone Scenario -including rules for the Rat Tank!

The UnderEmpire: Skaven forum.
Wheelmate: a great tool for measuring how far your unit wheels; by phordicus from The Under-Empire. (HakoMike's word document prints them out at the perfect size.)
Archive Skaven
Skaven-Babe's Multi-Universe

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Miniatures, Painting Tips, & Terrain

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