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“You wish to know of my clan’s history, manling? Clan Skreek’s history is my history.” He leans back in his throne of debris and his eye gazes into the mists of the past.

“Many years ago, I was but a Clanrat warrior in the Skaven lair of Foul Peak. Due to overcrowding in my clan’s warrens, a mercenary contingent was sent to the nearby lair, Fester Spike. I served there as a mercenary under the command of Lord Gurrrit. We were to help a clan in its move for power amongst the other clans of Fester Spike. We fought many skirmishes there, finally our commission came to an end. Gurrrit wanted to return to the relative peace of Foul Peak. Rathbic, one of Gurrrit’s lieutenants wanted to continue fighting for other clans. Gurrrit refused and attempted to kill Rathbic. However it was Gurrrit who was defeated and Rathbic gained control of our mercenary clan and led us east seeking further employment.

“Rathbic found us employment in Putrid Swamp where the various clans are always striving for more power. We served a number of different clans there and gained some measure of respect as mercenaries. During one skirmish, Rathbic was gravely wounded and I quickly took command of the mercenaries. I led our army to victory that day. After that commission was up, I decided that we should fight for our own behalf for a while.

“We raided human settlements and Dwarf strongholds alike. I even launched a raid into Athel Loren, but was driven back by those pesky pointy-eared, tree-hugging Wood Elves. I turned my sights to Brettonia for a while and even took over one of their ships bound for a settlement in Lustria. There I learned of the treasures of the Lizardmen, from time to time I would launch an attack on those jungle-dwelling savages. I still enjoy pillaging their temples when I have a chance, also Hrist particularly likes the treasures I bring back.

“After a years of travel and fighting I looked to gain a clan of my own. I traveled east again, all the way to Crookback Mountain. There we were employed for the purpose of accompanying bands into the Dark Lands in search of warpstone meteors. It was on one such expedition that our band was surprised by a force of Goblins. Our immediate losses were great, however we eventually gained the upper hand over the Goblins and drove them off. My mercenaries were intact for the most part. However, the warriors from Crookback Mountain were sorely depleted. I ordered my troops eastward, along with the warpstone we had discovered so far. The Skaven from Crookback Mountain were furious and demanded we at least return the warpstone to them. I refused and offered them the chance to join my band. The surviving Clanrats decided it was in their best interest to join my clan instead of risking the lengthy return to their home. The Stormvermin that remained were not so easily persuaded and a combat ensued. The Stormvermin were outnumbered and surrendered to my leadership. I led my force north to Mount Silverspear.

“My mercenary clan made a fortune at Mount Silverspear working for the various clans there embroiled in constant warfare amongst themselves. When time came to leave the lair, we made off with many mineral treasures as well as numerous greenskin slaves.

“We traveled southwards again, stopping for a short time at Crookback Mountain to trade and provision ourselves. None of the former Skaven from that stronghold revolted against me, of which I was prepared. It was here that I first met Grey Seer Hrist and he showed some interest in my rather large mercenary clan.

“He suggested that I had it in me to form a clan of my own from the mercenary group I commanded. This was the chance I had been waiting for. With the backing of a Grey Seer, I was almost guaranteed success in my wish to form a clan. I led my group south toward the Ash Ridge Mountains. I came across a mountain peak with Skaven tunnels connected to the Under-Empire. I decided to base my lair there.

“We expanded the warrens and shored up defenses against the Orcs and Goblins that roamed the lands nearby. There were only two entrances to these warrens from the lands above. One was situated three-quarters up the front of the mountain. It was a narrow cave entrance and the way up was treacherous and winding. I had watchposts built along this trail to watch for trespassing greenskins. The other entrance was on the other side of the mountain. On this side a great waterfall cut a ridge down the center of the peak, thus the name Scarback Mountain. This waterfall empties into a lake at the base of the mountain and a river flows through a valley and continued southwards. This valley was very fertile and I set slaves to tending corn fields there. I guarded these from marauding goblin tribes with a number of watch-mounds, small hills hollowed out to accommodate a small Skaven force.

“Here in Scarback Mountain, I founded Clan Skreek with the help of Grey Seer Hrist. My slaves mined the tunnels below and expanded our warrens while reaping the riches of the earth. I sent groups into the Dark Lands searching for warpstone meteors, coming into conflict with the Skaven of Crookback Mountain on occasion. I also warred on the Orc and Goblin tribes, capturing many slaves. These riches I traded with other clans and lairs to garner support. Quickly I became known as a Warlord. I gained the help of Clan Skryre in the form of weapon teams and warlocks in exchange for a percentage of my warpstone finds. I also traded warpstone and other goods to Clan Eshin for my Assassin bodyguards. Clan Skreek even benefited from trades with Clan Moulder in exchange for slaves to experiment on. My favorite pet is my great Rat Ogre, Haxenslash. I feed him on Goblin slaves.

“So there you have it, manling. The founding of Clan Skreek and my rise to power. I have been a Warlord for a number of years now. I continue to war on the greenskins, as well as some Undead excursions and Chaos bands coming down from the far north. My warriors have even encountered some Chaos Dwarfs. Occasionally, I will field a raid into other Skaven lairs, but this is seldom. If I am going to field an army to travel west, I would rather attack Dwarfs, the Border Princes or even the Empire.

“Now, manling, when you return to your little border town along the World’s Edge Mountains, you can tell your people that they should be honored because this is one of those rare incursions to their lands.” The large rat-lord cackles madly at this, and realization that your town is doomed sinks into you.