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Warrens of the
Blood Claws

Skaven in Mordheim

In the year 2000 of the man-things' Sigmarite calendar, a meteorite crushed-burned the mancity of Mordheim. This meteorite was made of what the man-things ignorantly called "wyrdstone." We Skaven have always used it and know it as Warpstone.

This is a time of civil unrest in the man-things' pathetic Empire. With no central overlord, the various chieftains of the man-thing clans squabble with each other for control. With the destruction of Mordheim by the warpstone meteorite, the man-thing clanlords have sent their minions to gather as much of the potent rock as they can. They hope this would increase their power within their pathetic society.

At the same time, the Under-Empire is in turmoil. Clan wars against clan and each member of the Council of Thirteen strives to increase his power as well as his clan's. The Nightlord of Clan Eshin has heard of the destruction of the mancity, Mordheim, by means of the warpstone from the sky and has sent his assassins to claim as much as they could. This would inevitably increase his prestige among the Council.

Many adepts have led their bands of warriors into the ruins of the mancity. Already, various human warbands scrounge and fight one another for the warpstone their clanlords pay so highly for. We Skaven have gnawed at the roots of human society for generations, but the common belief among the ignorant man-things is that we do not exist. Soon this will begin to change as reports of shadowy rat-like figures are being reported. Usually from the lone survivors of devastated man-thing warbands!

The time has come for the Skaven... and we will inherit!

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