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Gifts From the Skaven

The rat-lord leans towards you and motions you to come nearer. You cautiously move towards the large rat-man. Gnashik reaches beside him and pulls out a small black chest. "Here-here," he squeaks. "A gift-gift. Choose what you want." With a clawed hand he opens the chest. Inside are two tomes. One is a large, black-bound book on which is written The Book of the Rat. The other is a small manuscript concerning the Skaven language.

The rat-lord smirks at you as you carefully remove what you desire. "I have one more gift for you," snarls Gnashik. "Seer Hrist, bring the other gift for our guest-guest." The Grey Seer leaves the chamber, but quickly returns with a brazier. Hrist sets the brazier down and waves his hands over the coals, chittering an incantation. Flames errupt from the coals and the albino rat-man sets a chunk of raw warpstone on the burning coals. He grins evilly at you as he rolls the warpstone around with a pair of tongs.


Skaven True Type Font: Fonted by Jim Sorenson. Check out Bob Lippman's treatise on the Skaven alphabet at The Horned Rat's Homepage.