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Special Characters

The huge Skaven lord leans forward on his throne of debris and ponders your request. "So, manthing, you want to know about the power behind Clan Skreek, eh?" squeaks Gnashik. "Well-well, I will tell you of the most influential Skaven here in Scarback Mountain."

6th Edition Characters


5th Edition Characters

Clanlord Gnashik of Clan Skreek........130 pts.
The Blade of Skreek +50 pts.
Warpstone Charm +10 pts.

Your army may be led by Clanlord Gnashik. If you decide to do this Gnashik replaces the Skaven Warlord in the main army list.

As a young Clanrat, Gnashik was stationed to a mercenary clan, a group of Skaven who go forth to fight for other lairs because of over-population at their warren. The large, slate-colored Gnashik rose to a position of power in the mercenary clan, serving as chief lieutenant to the mercenary lord. After a time, Gnashik gained control of the mercenary clan and started on a campaign to garner as much power and wealth as he could. His goal was to turn his rag-tag band of mercenaries into a real clan.

He campaigned far across the Skaven Under-Empire, fighting for varried factions and sometimes serving two opposing groups at the same time. On occasion he would launch an attack at the Empire or Dwarfs. Sometimes he would foray into the Forest of Loren or the kingdom of Brettonia. Gnashik even led his host to the shores of Lustria to search for the treasures of the Old Ones.

After gaining sufficient wealth and power he moved far to the east and founded his clan in a peak known as Scarback Mountain. Here Clan Skreek flourishes with the help of the Grey Seer Hrist.

Clanlord Gnashik576543847

Weapons/Armour: Clanlord Gnashik wears heavy armour and carries a pistol, which he can use in combat along with Rat-bite, giving him 5 attacks.

Magic Items: Gnashik may carry up to three magic items. The first two items must always be rat-bite and a Warpstone Charm.

The Blade of Skreek: The Blade of Skreek was given to Clanlord Gnashik by his advisor, the Grey Seer Hrist. The blade writhes with warpstone etched runes.
In the magic phase, the blade can emmit a ear-splitting, bone-cracking SKREEEeeeek!! Use the flame template to represent this sonic attack with the point at the bearer's base. Any model more than half under the template is hit on a 4+ for one S4 hit.

Warpstone Charm: Gnashik may use the power of the warpstone charm to re-roll any single dice throw once during the game and add +1 or -1 to the result.

Grey Seer Hrist.........400 pts.
Staff of Vermin +50 pts.
You may include Grey Seer Hrist in your army as an independent character. He will not personally lead the army as he prefers to manipulate from the sidelines.

Hrist is one of the more influential servants of the Council of Thirteen. His constant political maneuvering and conniving plans have brought him much fame, and more power.

His current scheming requires a clan for him to control, though not directly. Thus, when he met the would-be clanlord, Gnashik, he volunteered to help him form his clan.

Acting as advisor, Hrist constantly plots within the clan, and many believe him to be the true power of Clan Skreek. To a point, this is true. However, he has no wish to lead the clan, only to control it.

Things have not gone as well as Hrist had hoped though. Gnashik has proved to be a capable leader and is very strong-willed. Gnashik also brings arcane gifts to his valued advisor and Hrist appreciates this show of servitude (as he sees it). He hopes that Gnashik will recover a copy of the Tome of the Horned Rat for him. So Hrist bides his time, knowing that Gnashik will meet his end sometime and that the Chieftain who stands to become Clanlord after Gnashik's demise will be easier to control.


Weapons/Armour: Grey Seer Hrist carries a sword and wears no armour.

Magic Spells: Hrist is a level 4 Grey Seer. He may cast spells in the normal manner as described in Warhammer Magic.

Magic Items: Hrist may carry up to four magic items, the first of which is always the Staff of Vermin.

Staff of Vermin: The Staff of Vermin contains a powerful spell of vermin-summoning. A constant chittering can be heard emiting from the staff. Once per battle, during the magic phase, the Staff of Vermin can summon forth a swarm of rats within 12" of the bearer. The swarm can be moved into contact with the enemy when summoned, but do not count as charging.

Special Rule
Albino: Hrist has been gifted with albinism, a sign of favor from the Horned Rat. As such he is seen as an influential and fearsome leader. In game terms albinism allows Hrist or the unit he leads to re-roll one failed Leadership test per turn.

Grrrth, Warlord of Clan Skreek's Stormvermin............100 pts.
Gut-ripper +40 pts.
You may include Grrrth in your army as an independent character or the army General. If he is chosen as the army General he replaces the Skaven Warlord, otherwise he may act independently and/or lead a unit as desired. Your army must include a regiment of Stormvermin if you want to use Warlord Grrrth.

Grrrth is the Warlord of Gnashik's Stormvermin and an accomplished veteran-warrior. This huge black Skaven inspires fear into his troops and is a merciless drill-sergeant. Since Clan Skreek does not have an over-abundance of the elite Stormvermin, every warrior must be at his absolute best. Grrrth trains his warriors to be the best and has drilled military precision and discipline into their every action.

Though he is content with his current position and all of the benefits it gives to his social standing, he has loftier goals. Grrrth's ambition is to take over Clan Skreek.

He knows that Hrist tries to manipulate the Clanlord but has been unsuccessful. Grrrth also realizes that Hrist is grooming Feerfisk to be a Clanlord he can control. When this coup is attempted, Grrrth plans on cashing in. If the coup appears to be failing he will come to Gnashik's aid. However, if Hrist's puppet does manage to gain control of the clan, Grrrth plans on staging his own revolt and there-by take control.


Weapons/Armour: Grrrth wears heavy armour and carries the magical halbred Gut-ripper.

Magic Items: Grrrth is entitled to carry up to three magic items, the first of which must always be Gut-ripper.

Gut-ripper: Gut-ripper turns and wrenches in the hands of its wielder, guiding him to an opponents most vulnerable areas. The halbred thirsts for blood and assists its wielder in getting the most form each slice.
This magical halbred gives all of the bonuses of a normal one (+1 S), as well it causes D3 wounds instead of just one.

Special Rule
Inspirational Leader: Grrrth has drilled so much discipline into his Stormvermin that they will almost never flee combat. If Grrrth is leading a unit of Stormvermin and they fail a brak test and flee they will automatically rally in their next turn.

If anyone uses any of these characters in battle, I'd appreciate it if you let me know how they fare. Also, if you have any comments on these characters, I'd love to hear them. If you have any characters of your own you'd like me to post, let me know.