Here's some pics from our past shows and other miscellaneous crap.

Here's a snapshot from our first show when we opened for Epileptic Cheetah.

No Ezkape at Cookstock. Man that was the biggest crowd that we have ever played for.

Here's the whole crew practicing in "The Pit", otherwise known as Nate's basement.

Here's Nate bustin up the drums and Jory bustin up the bass and vocals.

Here's Matt T., hookin us up with the recording session to make
the demo and playin "Beast Wars" with us. Thanks Matt!

Here's Ben, the dude in the mohawk.  He's been hookin us up with shows
at Gabe's and Palo, lately. Thanks Ben!

Here's the whole gang playing "Beast Wars" with Nate singin, Matt on guitar, Steve on guitar,
Jory on bass and Justin H. on drumz at Palo.

Here's Jory and Nate jammin out together at Palo

Here's John's Operation Ivy tatoo.  John busts up the bass in Epileptic Cheetah.

Here's a few of the local punx.  From left to right, we've got Kevin O., Cheetah's very own John,
an unidentified fan and Matt T.

The early days of No Ezkape's fan base. Live and moshing at our first show.

Here's steve's school pic, since you can't see him well in any other pics. Now let's all look at his ugly face.

Created on 1/10/00 by Steve.  Updated on 1/10/00 by Nate.
More Pics Comin soon!