"We wrote this song in '98.  Just me and Jory but it was great"

Yeah, folks, that's about the gist of the band history in two sentences.  Jory and I started our ambitions of making a band back in 8th grade, got our acts together in 9th grade and that lasted about a year, with no drummer or lyricist most of the time and some hard times after that.

Nathan bought his drum set in the summer of '98 and started practicing up while Jory and I piddled away at songs that never would be, except, of course, one, for the moment.  Jory and I decided to give up the band idea for a little while during most of 10th grade while Nathan continued practicing away.
Finally, on a half day after school in the fall of '98, I went skating with a fellow skateboarder, Cory, and I hung out with Nate again for the first time since middle school.  Needing some duct tape for shoe repair in order to skate, I went to Nate's house and he showed me his drums.  I immediately said, "Let's make a band!" but Nate didn't think he was good enough at the time.  Meanwhile, Jory made another band.

Anyways, about early spring, Jory's new band was going to play a show to help benefit the Riverside Skate Park, and I was planning on going, as was Nathan, whom I hadn't seen since the fall. He decided he was good enough and wanted to make a band. Immediately we started looking for a bassist. We pretty much decided Jory would be our temporary bassist by the end of the day and started making plans to practice. We got together for the first time about a month later and started writing some stuff. We managed to write seven songs in about 5 weeks, and it was decided that Jory would be our permanent bassist after he said that he wouldn't quit this band, not even for the other band, even though he's still with them, too.

During those first few months, I made a trip to Relics Records where I met up with Eric from Epileptic Cheetah, who also played at the skate park show. I talked to him for a little bit and, he knowing Jory, said he was thinking about putting on a show and would talk to Jory about having us open for them.....and so it was, July 4th, 1999.

Well that was our first show. It seems like quite awhile ago. We went on to play some more shows (cookstock, toddville, halloween...) and record a demo. We are up to a 15 song set. We practice tons and are ready to play anytime and anywhere.

The end.....For Now! 11/22/99