Favorite Bands:Rancid, The Misfits, Dropkick Murphys, The Vandals, MU330

Hobbies:Skateboarding, Cycling, driving

Favorite TV Shows:The Blame Game

Favorite Movies:The Matrix

Misc. Bullshit:I'm a short, pathetic, poor, car-less, single loser. Any questions?



Favorite Bands:Rage Against the Machine, Offspring, Green Day

Hobbies:Motocross, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Fixing stuff, Watching TV, Sleeping

Favorite TV Shows:Howard Stern, Conan O'Brien, Talk Soup

Favorite Movies:American Pie, Happy Gilmore, Baseketball

Misc. Bullshit:I don't have a job, I just sit on my ass all day. Sometimes I skate, sometimes I play the drums, but mostly I just sit on my ass.



Favorite Bands:Rancid, joy division, dead can dance, opivy, mu330

Hobbies:skateboarding, band, computer, emily

Favorite TV Shows:120 minutes, craig kilborn show

Favorite Movies:pi, american pie, anything stanley kubrick

Misc. Bullshit:i work for my dad in a machine shop, i love emily :-)