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private PILATES tuition, MOVEMENT  & FITNESS CLASSES  for  all abilities

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(transpersonal  Coaching)


Wynona uses the images of the Tarot to explain the laws which govern our life and whoe they influence on our day-to-day living,


She has found Pilates, Authentic Movement, Complementary therapies and Healing very helpful and enjoyable thoroughout her life, and  loves to share what she has discovered.


Her aim is to make her classes and 1-to-1 session accessible to everybody - regardless of experience, age & material circumstances.

Wynona is passionate about dancing, Zumba - and anything else that enhances our wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

dance prevents dementia

Wynona uses Quantum Entrainment as part of her Acupressure massage routine. Tapping into the deep innner peace which sits below all everyday excitements, Quantum Entrainment can promote rapid healing and  release of tensions and pain.