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March 31, 1995- Exactly What Happen

* March 31, 1995 *

THE LAST day of Selena's life started ordinarily enough- but ended in blood, Here is the dramatic minute-by-minute account of her last, terrifying minutes alive.
According to family members and eyewitnesses to the murder, the following events occurred on the morning of March 31:

11:00 A.M. - Selena leaves her house at 705 Bloomington Street and heads for the Days Inn, just minutes away on Navigation Avenue in Corpus Christi, where she'd arranged a secret one-on-one meeting w/ Yolanda.

11:15 A.M. - Selena parks her car in the hotel lot, and goes staight to Yolanda's room on the first floor of the hotel. She bypasses the lobby and takes the footpath through the complex, walks around the pool, and knocks on the door of room 158, where she and her husband Chris had concluded a heated discussion w/ Yolanda the evening before.

11:25 A.M. - Hotel maid Norma Martinez hears two women engaged in an argument over a business deal. According to Martinez: "I was outside room 128 ready to put a bed spread in the room when I heard loud voices about 40 yards away coming from room 158. I could hear two ladies arguing over some business matter. One women yelled at the other: "You let me down and you lied to me." Then I heard a gunshot. A young woman in a green sweatsuit and white tennis shoesran from the room holding her chest and screaming "HELP! HELP! HELP!" This woman I later learned was Selena, the famous singer. An older woman woman dressed in what appeared to be a light green hospital uniform was running after her holding a gun. I later learned that was Yolanda. Yolanda stopped and tok aim and fired again as the bleeding Selena ran around the swimming pool toward the front of the hotel. The bullet missed Selena, who was runnig, w/ her back to Yolanda. She was running for her life. I heard Yolanda yell out B****. She then calml turned around and walked back to the room w/ the gun swinging by her right leg like she hadn't done anything. The gun was still smoking. She stood in the doorway of the room looking angrily back and forth from side to side - like she'd lost something.

11:31 A.M - Selena staggers into the lobby of the hotel after the 400 ft. from 158 to the front door of the Days Inn while yelling for help. Her sweatshirt is now soaked in blood and she is on the verge of collaspe. As she run through the lobby she meets up w/ Carlos Morales, 19, who is waiting for a ride. Morales reveales: I helped Selena as she began to collapse and lay on the floor face up. She was pale and gasping for for breath. I asked her who shot her and she yelled for someone to lock the front door of the hotel because someone named "Yolanda" was going to shoot her again.. She said "Help Me!" She is going to shoot me again. It's Yolanda." I held her for a few minutes, which seemed like eternity. She was unconscious within minutes.

11:42 A.M. - A frantic desk clerk in the hotel calls 911.

11:44 A.M. - Police along w/ the Corpus Christi Fire Dept., Station 9, emergency crew and an ambulance Emergency Medical Services crew from station 12 arrive on the scene. The station 9 crew rushes into the lobby to help Selena, who is barely breathing. The Medic 12 unit takes over and starts cartiac life support.

11:50 A.M. - Capt. Keith Terry of Station 12, along w/ other medics start critical care and place a temporary breathing tube in Selena's throat to claer an airway for her to breathe.

11:55 A.M. - Selena is loaded in the ambulance, which speeds away. They reach Corpus Christi Memorial hospital in 19 minutes.

12:14 P.M. - The ambulance reaches the hospital and Selena is rushed into the emergency room, then straight to emergency surgery.

12:28 P.M. - Selena undergoes emergency surgery, attended by Dr. Louis Elkins. She is given an emergency bloood transfusion, despite her family's religion.

12:33 P.M. - Selena suffers cardiac arrest. Doctors and emergency physicans strggle desperately to bring her back to life.

12:50 P.M. - Doctors work feverishly to stop the bleeding from the gunshot which damaged her heart, lung and numerous arteries. They detect no pulse.

1:05 P.M. - Selena is pronounced dead.

9:30 P.M. - Selean's killer has been holding 20 police at bay for 9 hours and 30 minutes. She sits in her red pickup w/ the .38 caliber gun she'd used on Selena, pointed at her own head. She never pulls the trigger. She'd already hit her target - she'd killed Selena.

(I got this article out of a magizine within months after her death!)